Cannot connect to the database due to the following error:

While tempting to connect our database PostgreSQL hosted on Google Cloud Platform (SQL service) with Forest Admin, we got this error :

× {“name”:“SequelizeConnectionError”,“parent”:{“length”:103,“name”:“error”,“severity”:“FATAL”,“code”:“28P01”,“file”:“auth.c”,“line”:“347”,“routine”:“auth_failed”},“original”:{“length”:103,“name”:“error”,“severity”:“FATAL”,“code”:“28P01”,“file”:“auth.c”,“line”:“347”,“routine”:“auth_failed”}}

Feature(s) impacted

Any idea of what’s wrong?
Best regards

Hey @Emmanuel1, and welcome to our community :wave:

Do you have further logs for this error? I can only see “routine”:“auth_failed”, but I think you should also have more logs indicating the error.

Would you mind sharing those here?

Thanks :pray: