I’m getting this error on the terminal during the “Generate your app” step in forest admin.

× Cannot connect to the database due to the following error:
× {“name”:“SequelizeConnectionError”,“parent”:{“length”:98,“name”:“error”,“severity”:“FATAL”,“code”:“28000”,“file”:“miscinit.c”,“line”:“710”,“routine”:“InitializeSessionUserId”},“original”:{“length”:98,“name”:“error”,“severity”:“FATAL”,“code”:“28000”,“file”:“miscinit.c”,“line”:“710”,“routine”:“InitializeSessionUserId”}}

The database I’m using is taken from this source from “Add a data source” section: Quick start - Developer guide

Hello @silad31207 :wave: ,

I’m going to need more details. :thinking: What is the command you have launched for this step and what did you put in the URL database? Is this information correctly filled in?

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