Cannot create a branch


Feature(s) impacted

Branch creation

Observed behavior

I would like to create a branch but I have the following errors

but I have my development environment and I have installed forest-cli

Expected behavior

Create a local branch


  • Project name: Nostrum Care v2
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Developement

thank you in advance.

Hey @jacques_liao :wave:

Could you run forest --version? If you are running version 2 of the forest-cli the origin feature is not available.

You need the latest beta version to use the branch origin feature (npm install -g forest-cli@beta)

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Hey @jeffladiray

After installing (npm install -g forest-cli@beta) I still get the same error

Could you give me the user (via forest user) that is currently connected (As a DM if you prefer) ?

I looked at the email of the user I don’t have the right one, is there any way to change the user?
Thanks in advance!

forest login should allow you to re-log again :slight_smile:

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perfect is good !! thank !!!

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