Is it possible to create a branch in the development environment?

Feature(s) impacted

the functionalities addressed are the creation of a branch in a local env and the roles in a project

Observed behavior

when I try to create a new branch with the following command:

forest branch my-new-feature

I get the following error:

I tried to set myself to the admin role to be able to use the command but for now I only have the operation role

And when I try to create a role I get the following message

So I have to deploy first to create the role and then create a branch?


  • Project name: Nostrum-Gateway
  • Team name: Operation
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent type & version: “forest-express-sequelize”: “^8.0.0”

Hey @jacques_liao :wave:

The wording of the error is not totally correct. It should refer to “Permission level”, not “Role”.
As I can see on your screen, you already have the permission level “Admin”, so the issue is not located here.

In order to create a branch, you’ll need to have a production environment setup and running, is that the case?

If not, you do not need to create a branch.
If yes, could you please double check that you are running the branch command inside your project, that you are already login (forest user) is the correct one?

Thanks in advance

Hello @jeffladiray

Then yes we have not yet deployed the project and I think that is the problem.
I’ll let you know as soon as I have the project deployed

Thanks in advance!

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Good to know.

As you currently only have one development environment, forest branch shouldn’t be needed :+1:

I’ll keep the thread opened, don’t hesitate if you encounter the issue again after deploying to production.


So the problem has changed, I deployed in production but I have this problem

and project name is NOSTRUM-GATEWAY

I’m not sure the issue is still related to your initial message.

Did you create a role that is allowed to access this production environment ? (Visible in the Role tabs of your project settings + on your user, to check that the role is correctly associated?)

Do you have any other error in your browser console ?

Then yes I have my role which has access to the environment Production

and i have this error in my browser console

Hello @jacques_liao :wave:

Have you deployed your agent (production) on multiple servers?
Can you also provide the body/payload of the 403 response?

Hello @Romain_Coudour

To my knowledge our agent (production) is only on one server.
And where exactly is the body/payload you need?

@jacques_liao You can find the body of the 403 response in the Network tab of your browser. Then find the request that failed with a 403 status and click on it.
Or you can click directly on the error that you showed earlier :point_up:.


This will lead you to another set of tabs. I would like to have the content of the “Response” tab to see the full error message.

Is this right?

Hello @jacques_liao,

It’s certainly due a misconfigured variables.

  • Could you share the client_id from the /oidc/auth call (available in the request payload)?
  • Do you have multiple instances running?
  • If so, Have you defined a static CLIENT_ID? (It’s no longer needed, we will update the documentation accordingly)
  • Can you share your APPLICATION_URL to see if it matches your environment configuration?

Thanks in advance for all those informations.

Kind regards,

Hello @morganperre

  • Here is the client_id that


Hello again,

Looking at your client_id everything looks.

It has been issued Mon Aug 22 2022 11:10:42 GMT+0200 just before we released something to support natively multiple instances running at the same time (behind a load balancer for example).
It redirects to the right URL

  • Can you try to restart your production instance(s)? This will likely give you a fresh client_id then you can try to connect again. :pray:

Let me know if it helps.

Kind regards,

It works I ask the person to restart to see!

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Awesome news. :muscle:

You were probably running on multiple instances (cloud computing services often do that).

Be reinsure that we will continue making the deployment experience as smooth as possible.

Have a pleasant experience with Forest Admin.

Kind regards,

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After restart I get this error is it related to the variable FOREST_AUTH_SECRET?

Hey @jacques_liao,

  • Are you still in production?
  • Did you change FOREST_AUTH_SECRET in the meanwhile (that invalidates all previously issued tokens)?

Kind regards,

Hey @morganperre

  • Yes I am still in production
  • I made a small manipulation and given that I do not understand the error I recreated a project with the name Nostrum-gateway then I recreated a new production environment and we changed the old FOREST_AUTH_SECRET by the new one but we still have this error 401


  • Did you update the FOREST_ENV_SECRET too?
  • Did you redeploy your new project? I’m a little confused here.