Cannot install forest admin - Zietwork error

I’m trying to install Forest Admin on a new rails application. I have them gem installed and I’m running rails g forest_liana:install {key redacted}

When I run this I get the following Zeitwork error

/Users/hummingbear/.rvm/gems/ruby-3.0.2/gems/zeitwerk-2.4.2/lib/zeitwerk/loader/callbacks.rb:18:in `on_file_autoloaded': 

expected file /Users/hummingbear/.rvm/gems/ruby-3.0.2/gems/forest_liana-7.0.0/app/services/forest_liana/forest_api_requester.rb 

to define constant ForestLiana::ForestAPIRequester, but didn't (Zeitwerk::NameError)


Rails 6.1.4
Ruby 3.0.2
pg 1.2.3
postgres 13
forest_liana 7.0.0


Hi @KidA001 !
I’m not fluent un ruby, however I found this stackoverflow post maybe it can solve your issue…

Thank you - It seems like the forest gem has not yet been setup to work with Rails 6. Changing the config to use the old autoloader fixed Forest