Cannot reach environment

I can reach the production environment but not the other two environments that we have. I get the message: “Your server encountered an error”. 3 users have this issue. My colleague has it only on safari but not on chrome. I have it on all browsers.

The 3 users that are having problems are all admin. I changed the team name today but I doubt this would have an effect.

Failure Logs

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status 404 ()
failed to load resource: the server responded wiht a status of 403 (forbidden)

Project name: bonsai CMS

Hi @Ken ,

Welcome to the ForestAdmin community and thank you for sharing your issue with us!

In order to assist you, could you please check your server logs when receiving the HTTP error. There might be more details on those.

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Hi Lamatt,

This log we found might be of use:

[31m[forest] :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree: Permissions error: Cannot retrieve the data from the Forest server. Can you check that you properly copied the Forest envSecret in the Liana initializer?�[39m

Hello @Ken ! Small question before we try to investigate further. You’re saying that your coworkers don’t have the error, but does that mean they correctly have access to the environment, or is it just that they don’t get the error message while still being denied access?

Hello @remi

My colleague is able to access the pre-production environment on Chrome without any errors but only on Chrome.

My other colleague and myself cannot access this environment on any browsers.


It seems to be caused by cookies. I deleted my cookies and it fixed the problem. This is very strange that this is the cause because I tried different browsers which I never use and incognito mode as well.

Changing the team name and permission settings was the trigger for this issue.

Good to read that the issue is resolved! We’ve released some deep changes lately, so it was probably due to some of your cookies being invalid.

Feel free to mark your issue as resolved :wink: