Can't access dynamic dropdown list

I created a GET route for a collection to retrieve a dropdown list, which works fine locally, but when I deploy to my Lambda, it returns a 404 error. It looks like it’s trying to access a route with “/qa/qa/route” after the url, when it should be only “/qa/route”. Do you guys know where I could start troubleshooting this? Thanks!!

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 10.10.56 AM|690x121

Hi @Matt,

Can you please give details like your project name, the environment/team on which the feature is working, and where it’s not?

Also, can you please confirm the case:

  • you defined an edit widget to “dropdown” with a dynamic configuration,
  • the widget is configured as “dynamic+smart” with the dataset URL “/qa/route”,
  • “/qa/route” is called in some environment :green_circle:
  • “/qa/qa/route” is called in another environment :red_circle:


  1. Project Name: “Content Admin”
  2. Feature is working locally but not in staging or production.
  3. The route is /forest/filmmakers/countries that hits an endpoint to get a list of countries. It works locally but in my staging and production environments it’s hitting an API Gateway in AWS that has a stage of either “qa” for staging or “prod” for production. And the route that Forest hits has a duplicate prefix of “qa/qa/…” and “prod/prod/…” which is returning a 404 for the get request.

Wasn’t sure if that error was resulting from something in the codebase or inside of AWS, so wanted to see if you guys may have an idea.