Cannot use the new dropdown element from enum smart action field


We modified one of our SmartAction today, by adding a new element in an enum field. We also updated the forestschema accordingly.

When we call this actions with old element type (dropdown menu item), it works. But when we try to use the last element we just added, the UI displays this red message:

action cannot be reached. Is your server running ? Did you configure this Smart Action properly ?”

Expected behavior

We were expecting execution or an error from our side… we are seeing anything so it’s complicated to debug. It seems that our Forest UI space is not reaching our hosted Forest for this on particular call configuration. Weird.

Actual behavior

Strange behaviour, works for old dropdown item, but not the new one.

Failure Logs

We have no logs, the route is not reached for the dropdown item we want to use… :confused:


  • Package Version: forest-express 3.2.4
  • Express Version: 4.16.2
  • Database Dialect: MongoDB

Hello @tib,

If the route is not reached it seems that a network request does not pass as it should. Could you please make me a screenshot / loom of your network tab on the dev tool of your browser ?

I see you are using version 3.2.4 of forest-express, I suggest you to update to the latest version following our migration notes, many features and fixes have been introduced since then.

Let me know if it helps