Can't create segment on a boolean attribute

We’ve been having errors the last couple of hours. Around 2 hours ago, we created a simple segment on a boolean field: field is true. It worked perfectly.

Now, we wanted to do it on another environment, same field, same operator, same value, but we can’t save anymore:

Failure Logs

"Invalid patch value (path: "/collections/df7ea340-a6a3-11ea-a761-91c9e51c1359/layout/segments/-", op: "add", value: {"id":"c6d52210-cb6a-11ea-a606-ebede3204723","type":"manual","name":"Early adopters","position":0,"isVisible":false,"defaultSortingFieldName":null,"defaultSortingFieldOrder":null,"hasColumnsConfiguration":false,"columns":[],"query":null,"filter":{"id":"c6d4fb00-cb6a-11ea-a606-ebede3204723","type":"and","conditions":[{"id":"c6d4fb01-cb6a-11ea-a606-ebede3204723","fieldName":"isEarlyAdopter","operator":"is","value":true,"embeddedField":null,"subFieldName":null}]}}): ValidationError: child "filter" fails because [child "conditions" fails because ["conditions" at position 0 fails because [child "value" fails because ["value" must be a string, "value" must be a number]]]]"


We have a custom backend but it doesn’t seem related.

Hi @julien,

Thank you for reporting this issue!

We’ve been able to reproduce and we’ll ship a fix ASAP.


Hello @julien,

The fix has been released.
Could you please try again to create your segment?


@adriguy It works! Thanks!