Can't insert a data in my collection from UI

Feature(s) impacted

Insert data

Observed behavior

Can’t insert data, I put an ID bu the UI tell me that I don’t put ID

Expected behavior

Data should be inserted

Failure Logs

When I check the request payload by inspecting element on my browser, effectively, the id is not pass

{data: {relationships: {category: {data: {type: "softwareCategoryV2s", id: "30948"}},…},…}}
data: {relationships: {category: {data: {type: "softwareCategoryV2s", id: "30948"}},…},…}
relationships: {category: {data: {type: "softwareCategoryV2s", id: "30948"}},…}
category: {data: {type: "softwareCategoryV2s", id: "30948"}}
product: {data: {type: "softwareProductV2s", id: "176079"}}
type: "softwareProductCategoriesV2s"


Can’t insert a data in a collection

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  • Agent type & version: …
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @Charles_Touret,

Thanks for your message! :raised_hands:

The widget you’re are using here (called “belongsTo typeahead”) is working this way:

  • you type some characters
  • it loads a list of related records matching these characters
  • you pick the one you want by clicking on it

Meaning that: if you don’t pick one, none are selected.
Do you see what I mean?
If it’s not clear or if you think your problem is different, could you please share a little screencast with me?

Thanks a lot.

Yes I think you don’t understand the problem !
I know how it works and there is already a screen cast on the post haha, you can see that I well pick the two fields Category and Product via the UI, but the UI also ask me the id (I think it should not ask me the id field because it’s the primary Key and it is auto generated in my db), and when I input an ID, the UI tell me that id cannot be null, but I put an ID !

We can call I you want and I can share you my screen in live :slight_smile:

@Charles_Touret thanks for your answer.

I don’t see any screencast, only a screenshot, do you confirm?
I would need a video of your screen to understand exactly what you’re trying to do and what’s failing.


annnh ok ! I send you that in few minutes sorry ! :slight_smile:

@Charles_Touret any news? :slight_smile: