Can't push local branch to staging

Feature(s) impacted

I am not able to push my local branch with forest push to Staging.

Observed behavior

Error: Failed to push branch: Source and destination environments must have the same schema. Please check your environments code is synchronized.

I have checked on Heroku and the two forest schema are the same.


  • Project name: Hubflo
  • Team name: Admin
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest_liana (7.6.7)
  • Database type: Postgres
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: Add smart actions
  • Forest env secret last 5: acaf25

Hi @Carl_Free :wave: as I can see on our datas, the secret env you are using is the one of the environment named Development | carlquivron and yeah there are many difference between Staging.
If you want to push Development to Staging you must use the env secret finished by 9e0b6.
Please let me know if that help :pray:

Hi Arnaud, thanks for your answer.

Yes this is my local env. If you say that there are a lot of differences, maybe it means that the Staging schema isn’t automatically apply ?

It’s all good, my staging schema wasn’t applied on Staging env !
I just run FOREST_ENV_SECRET=SECRET forest schema:apply and it’s working!

Thanks !!!

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Happy to hear that. Can I mark this thread as resolved?

Yes, thanks!

Do you have a documentation to automatically apply schema after an Heroku build ?


The schema should be send automatically when you start your agent if you versioned it.