Can't set up new update on forestadmin-schema

i got this error " [forest] An error occured with the apimap sent to Forest. Please contact for further investigations."
i am using express.
i cant send my new smartaction to forest and i dont wanna update the agent what should i do?

and refresh status doesnt appear and stuck on loading.
thanks in advance.

Facing the same issue right now, also get error 500 for anything i do

Hi @fletoxIsHere , @sadra_edrisaraki ,

We had some issues with the platform this weekend.
You can follow the status here.
We are sorry for your inconveniences. Everything is back to normal. Could you please retry the operations that failed ?

Best regards,


hi @shohanr ,
thank you for your reply, yes the schema was updated but still the hooks can’t get the changes that i set.


Hi @fletoxIsHere ,

What hooks are you trying to call ?

Hi, @shohanr ,
On smartAction.

We had complications with our infrastructure last week.
You must to re-send your forestadmin-schema.json to forest admin. You must restart your agent.
IF the schema is not updated, please make a little change on your schema to force the schema to re-compute :pray:.
Is there a thread that can provide assistance: Source and destination environments must have the same schema. Please check your environments code is synchronized - #26 by sadra_edrisaraki.

i tried to change on the schema but still have the issue.

our project is deployed on containers with docker:

this is our version:
{ “meta”: {
“database_type”: “MongoDB”,
“liana”: “forest-express-mongoose”,
“liana_version”: “6.7.2”,
“engine”: “nodejs”,
“engine_version”: “10.22.1”,
“orm_version”: “5.11.13”

  • Environment name: UAT
  • Database type: NoSQL (MongoDB)

Please give me your project name, your environment and your team :pray:

hi @Alban_Bertolini

project name: Roby
environment: UAT
team: Developer

thanks in advance :pray:

Your schema is updated for the last time the19/05/2023 21:54:48.
What is the name of your smart action ? I will check if your smart action is referenced in our database.

collection name: “TurnOver”
name of smartAction: “Add a payment”
code of turnOver Collection:

what i have on forest

see on code hooks are commented but still on the smartAction.
also i added a field called “test” on that smart action.

and on this time i add another field called “test2” type “String”
but still doesnt appear on the smart action.

I’m sorry to inform you that there is no “test” field in our database.
Could you please let me know how you added these fields? It’s important to note that the forestadmin-schema.json file should not be manually updated. Instead, you should update your mongoose model to trigger your schema update.

yes i updated it on the mongoose model of my collection

Please can you restart your agent now? And let me know if it works! :pray:

the project is hosted on dockers how can i restart the agent?

Does the agent is on your local machine? It depends how you run your container but you can restart your container, it will restart your agent for sure.

the project is hosted on a server using containers.

i restart the container then forest detect changes but stucked on load.

Does the load is finished? Do you see your smart action field after refreshed the page?
On our side, I can see your schema updated but without your “test” field. Please, can you show me how you add the fields?

no i refreshed the page instead of waiting, i see some change but not what expected, i used another git branc and i restart the server, then forest detect change but also not what expected.

the field code was added on the collection schema: