Case sensitive/insensitive filtering

What is the feature?

Make it possible to explicitly specify whether defined collection filtering is going to be applied using case sensitive or insensitive logic.

What problem does this solve for you?

Current implementation filters out collection items, that match search criteria by value, but not by case.
With this feature implemented users will be able to control the breadth of filtering.

Who else would be using this feature?

Users who rely on Forest Admin filtering capabilities.


  • Database Dialect: PostgreSQL
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Hi @Vasilii :wave:

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll send it to our product board.

I just noticed something a bit weird(?) that I would like to share, and that is a workaround for your need:

  • When I search directly in the search bar for Drive, it returns drive, Drive, DRIVE, and so on.
  • But, when I click on Filter (advanced search) then select a field and use contains operator on Drive, it only returns records that contain Drive, but not drive.

:bulb: In other words, the basic search is case insensitive, and the advanced search is case sensitive.

I’m not sure it’s the expected behavior though, still, it could be considered a workaround :sweat_smile:

One other workaround would be to override the route that list records, but it could be considered overkill.

Is there any update for this as im hitting the same problem and I dont see anything in the public roadmap that addresses it ?


Hi everyone,

While this is being pushed on the official roadmap, you can find here a quick workaround to override the operators’ default behavior.

I hope this helps!

cc @Mike_Bissett