Clicking through to related records using Laravel SmartCollection

Feature(s) impacted

When creating a SmartCollection, how do we get the user to click through to a specific relation like the generated collections?

E.g. clicking on a record below, or even the artist ‘name’ I want to take the user to that artist record. The relations all exist but not sure that the smartcollection is aware of it - how do I declare the relationship?

The docs specify how to do this in SQL and MongoDB but not using Laravel implementation:

I’d assume I could use a similar decleration to the js approach, but this just causes the view to not render the ID column.

    public function fields(): Collection
        return collect(
                new SmartField(
                        'field' => 'id',
                        'type'  => 'Number',
                        'reference' => ''

It does however seem to read this when editing the layout:

For reference the artists table referred to on the SmartField does exist here by that name, with an id field (also shown, id not rendering):

Also, I’ve tried ‘’ as the reference as this is what the underlying class is in the forest schema and at /data/artist/index, but then returns this console error

Observed behavior

Doesn’t render column if using a relationship on a smart field

Expected behavior

Renders the column with a click through to the related record

Failure Logs


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  • Agent type & version: … Laravel 1.2.1
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I am able to reproduce the problem.
I will investigate and keep you informed with the progress

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I just released version 1.2.3 which fixes this problem.

In your case, you need to add a BelongsTo smart relation to your smart collection.

There is an example of implementation in the following documentation.

Brilliant thanks so much! I’ll give this a whirl tomorrow hopefully and report back.

Hi @EFGP ,

Would you mind giving us your findings ? Is it fixed on your side ? If so, please mark this thread as solved ! :pray:




Not sure where I’m going wrong here, the Artist model is a real database model, the artistList is the virtual forestadmin collection.

I’ve noticed that the documentation for the collection has the model extending SmartCollection, but then in the smartRelationship documentation it extends Model? Since we can’t have both in PHP is it meant to be model?

The below returns

Base table or view not found: 1146 Table '2023_01_12.artist_lists' doesn't exist

But can only assume this is because I’ve switched the extends decleration from the SmartCollection class to Model class.

If I use SmartCollection now, to how it was working before, I get

"Return value of ForestAdmin\\LaravelForestAdmin\\Http\\Controllers\\ResourcesController::getModel() must be an instance of Illuminate\\Database\\Eloquent\\Model, instance of App\\Models\\SmartCollections\\ArtistList returned"

namespace App\Models\SmartCollections;

use App\Models\Artist;
use Illuminate\Support\Collection;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Factories\HasFactory;
use ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Services\SmartFeatures\SmartField;
use ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Services\Concerns\ForestCollection;
use ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Services\SmartFeatures\SmartCollection;
use ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Services\SmartFeatures\SmartRelationship;

class ArtistList extends Model
    use HasFactory, ForestCollection;

    protected string $name = 'artistList';

    protected bool $is_searchable = true;

    protected bool $is_read_only = true;

     * @return SmartRelationship
    public function artist(): SmartRelationship
        return $this->smartRelationship(
                'type' => 'Number',
                'reference' => ''
                function () {
                    return Artist::where('id', $this->id)

Hi @EFGP :wave:

Since this is not a Laravel model, I confirm that it must extend from SmartCollection.

Given the error, I assume it is a route conflict.
Have you implemented the routes for this Smartcollection in a custom controller and in web/routes.php?
More information : here