Connecting to smart collection to specific record

Hello Forest Admin team,

I have create a smart collection like this:

It depicts a connection between:

  • user requirements
  • software requirements
  • test cases for software requirements

One user requirement can have more software requirements. This is the reason, why the row “9 and 10” have the same requirement “Welcome Page” with the “user requirement id” 8.

What I would like to achieve is to click e.g. on the row “9” and go to that detail of the requirement “8”.

I have such table with that requirement:

This is detail of that User Reuquirement with ID:8

Thank you,

Hello @Vaclav,

Thank you for your question.

From what I understand, you are needing a Smart Relationship.

Could you please have a look a the corresponding documentation and tell me if this is enough to solve your issue?

Thank you