Collection named geopardized (Laravel package)

Feature(s) impacted

Collection name

Observed behavior

I have several weird collections name :

  • a table named “analytics_basket” > Collection name : “Baskets” (but I have also a “basket” table which I can’t see in collections)
  • a table named “order_counter_offer” > Collection name : “Counter offers” : why “Order” disappeared ? I have also a table named “order_delivery” > Collection name “Order Deliveries” : name is OK

Expected behavior

  • table name “analytics_basket” > Collection name “Analytics Baskets”
  • table name “order_counter_offer” > Collection name “Order Counter Offers”

More generally, I don’t understand why, in “COLLECTION SETTINGS”, in the field “name” it’s already a modified name. Like “counterOffer” for my table “order_counter_offer”. Why not the exact table name since there is “Display name” field ?

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MySQL Database : 8.0.22
Laravel Forest Admin package : 1.0.1

Hi @storm23,

I’m not sure about your issue.

When you said table named “analytics_basket” is there a Model that reference this table ? If yes what is the name of this model class ?

The Forest agent lists only the laravel models not all your database tables.

Also could you share your project Id and the environment name.

Ok I got it ! The name is bases on the Model name, not the mapped table ? Right ?

It’ a problem for me because I have several namespaces in my Models. For example :

  • MyApp\Models\Analytics\Basket => “analytics_basket” table
  • MyApp\Models\Customer\Basket => “basket” table

Is there a way to handle these two tables ?

Yes this is the current behaviour of our agent.

Actually we have a feature that could help you.

You can try this feature by adding this line into your composer.json

"repositories": [
        "type": "git",
        "url": ""
 "require": {
   "forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin": "dev-feat/multi-directories-models",

The config/forest.php has been slightly changed.

You can remove the 'models_namespace' key and replace 'models_directory' => env('MODEL_DIRECTORY', 'app/Models/') by 'models_directory' => ['app/Models'].

We have just updated it and now you can set a custom name on your collection.

First you need to use our trait ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Services\Concerns\ForestCollection into your models and set a custom name with the method forestName.

Then you need to update your .forestadmin-schema.json.


use ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Services\Concerns\ForestCollection;

class Book extends Model
    use ForestCollection;

    public function forestName() {
        return 'Comics';
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Hi @storm23 ,

This feature is now available in the latest version (v1.1.1) of laravel-forestadmin.