Collections hidden in the list of collections make hasOne relationships links disappear


I have a collection A which has a hasOne relationship to a collection B.

I want to hide the collection B from the left bar so that forest admin users can’t access the list of elements of that collection, but I still want them to access the details view by clicking the link available in collection A elements details view.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as soon as I hide the collection B from the left bar, the link disappears in the details view of the elements of my collection A.

This can be replicated in your demo by hidding the Addresses collection and trying to access the address from a Customer.

I’m not sure it’s a bug though, but I don’t understand why it works that way so if you have some insight! :slight_smile:

Hi @julien :wave:,

In your collection B settings, you should see an option Allow record details display.

If checked, clicking on a record will display the record’s details page. If unchecked, a “Record access forbidden” message is shown. Note that if you hide a collection (from the left sidebar), this option will automatically be unchecked. You will have to manually check it to be able to access records from other collections (from relationship fields or related data).