Column display name error message

Expected behavior

Column display name modified.

Actual behavior

Once in a while, i get an error message when I try to set an alias for one column in my collection, after I’ve clicked the “Save” button :

Invalid patch value

collectionName update failed: Invalid patch value (path: “/collections/collectionName/layout/fields/collectionName-columnName/widgetEdit”,op: “replace”, value:

The whole screen:

All I have to do is wait for a little while and it’s working later, for some reason.


  • Express Version: 4.16.3
  • Sequelize Version: 5.15.1
  • Database Version: unknown
  • Project Name: Sergic

Hello @JeremyV,

First of all welcome to this community and thanks for reaching out! :raised_hands:

This error is pretty strange, let’s dig into it.
Could you please tell me:

  • on what environment does this occur (production, remote…)?
  • did you do any change on the edit widget before changing the display name?



Also what will be very interesting for us to investigate is the complete payload that is sent by your browser when it crashes.

To do so, when it crashes, could you please open your browser inspector, open the network tab, and you should have a red line with the matching error (and if you don’t, just refresh to regenerate the error). Click on it and scroll down to the very end of the Headers tab. You’ll see the requested payload, and this what would be very useful to us!

It should be something like this:


  • Dev environment
  • Automatic conditional formatting, as well as enum altered values

…and now it’s working eventually. As I previously said, I just have to wait for a few hours and retry.

Ok thanks for those pieces of information @JeremyV.
Let us know if it occurs again and if possible forward the request payload as mentioned in my previous message.

This issue re-appeared again today. This is annoying because I’ve patched a lot of enum altered values.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 111457

I’m calling PATCH

Got a 422 error code.

Request payload is :

[{"path":"/collections/roles/layout/fields/8f50a993-45fe-11eb-989c-c91269751825/displayName","op":"replace","value":"Libelle"},{"path":"/collections/roles/layout/fields/8f50a993-45fe-11eb-989c-c91269751825/widgetEdit","op":"replace","value":{"name":"dropdown","parameters":{}}},{"path":"/collections/roles/layout/fields/8f50a993-45fe-11eb-989c-c91269751825/widgetDisplay","op":"replace","value":{"name":"text","parameters":{}}},{"path":"/collections/roles/layout/fields/8f50a993-45fe-11eb-989c-c91269751825/mappingValues","op":"replace","value":[{"value":"director","label":"Directeur d'agence"},{"value":"director_assistant","label":"Directeur assistant de l'agence"},{"value":"coowner_accountant","label":"Comptable de l'immeuble"},{"value":"recovery_responsible","label":"N/A"},{"value":"claims_manager","label":"N/A"},{"value":"property_developer","label":"N/A"},{"value":"coowner_manager","label":"Gestionnaire de l'immeuble"},{"value":"coowner_assistant","label":"Assistant de gestion sur l'immeuble"},{"value":"sergic_partner_admin","label":"super_admin"},{"value":"sergic_partner","label":"Collaborateur sergic"},{"value":"biller_reviewer","label":"N/A"},{"value":"president_board_member","label":"President du CS"},{"value":"coownership_board_member","label":"Membre du CS"},{"value":"coowner","label":"Copropriétaire"},{"value":"coowner_secondary","label":"Copropriétaire secondaire"},{"value":"lessor","label":"Bailleur"},{"value":"tenant","label":"Locataire"},{"value":"caretaker","label":"Gardien d'immeuble"},{"value":"employee","label":"Employé immeuble"},{"value":"representative","label":"Mandataire"}]}]

Response is

{"errors":[{"status":422,"detail":"Invalid patch value (path: \"/collections/roles/layout/fields/8f50a993-45fe-11eb-989c-c91269751825/widgetEdit\", op: \"replace\", value: {\"name\":\"dropdown\",\"parameters\":{}}): ValidationError: child \"parameters\" fails because [child \"isSearchable\" fails because [\"isSearchable\" is required]]","meta":{}}]}

I apparently had to check “Enable search” in the Edit settings to make it work.

@JeremyV , thanks for letting us know.

Now, if you disable “Enable Search”, does it work?

Hi again @JeremyV,

I investigated on your issue, and it appears that Forest Admin is not correctly handling the default value of the value “Enable Search”. I cannot reproduce a scenario where this value is not defined, but once it’s the case, the error appears.

For the moment, a workaround is to check the option, save, and then uncheck it again and the problem won’t appear anymore on your field.

In the meantime, I created a bug on our side in order to fix this issue: