Layout changes not being kept

I don’t know if it’s related to this morning service down

or a long-term fixed bug

but we experience a very annoying issue, changes to my layout are not being saved at all.

This is also happening for me. Plus I can’t copy environment layouts. It errors every time.

Hi @JeremyV,

What is your project/environment name, please?

@nathanqueija, are you on the same project as Jeremy?


@Sliman_Medini no, I’m not.
I’m gonna send my project name as private message.

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Hi @Sliman
this is sergic/dev

Hi, again @JeremyV , @nathanqueija

Can you please give it another try?


@Sliman_Medini yes, seems to work now. Thanks!

Hi @Sliman_Medini I got the same issue about the layout not saved on the following environment: watch-certificate-admin/Preprod

Here is video to illustrate the issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hey @Pierre_Davy, and welcome to our community,

Could you try to do a layout modification (Like Showing and Hiding a column name), and tell me if it fixes your issue? (On this specific environment)

Thanks in advance!

(I would also suggest to open a new topic next time, just to be sure we see it :pray:)

@jeffladiray Unfortunately, it still does not work. thanks.

Hi @Pierre_Davy,

The loom is on a development environment while you mention a PreProd environment.
Can you please clarify, at present time are you still unable to edit your layout and then see the changes after a refresh?
Is this happening in any couple of environments/teams or is it only for some of them?

The branch test shown in loom was last touched at 09/06/2021 two days ago, can you confirm it? If so can you please make a new test now since we fix things since Thrusday.


Hi again @Pierre_Davy,

As I investigate it seems that both of your 2 dev and the staging are not refreshing well, from time to time. The first failures start for the both environments June 9 between 11h30/11h50.
(Your production is working well.)

As additional information, can you please describe the nature of the recent changes you perform in these environments? (including create/update roles or any)

I will continue to investigate this.


Thanks for the feedback. It looks that ones the environment start failing, it cannot get to a stable state.

Actually, I had also had this issue on an other forest project (=> watchcertificate) thus I created a brand new project. The common piece is that I deploy on the google environment with their Cloud Run solution on db on their side. But as far as I understand, the layout is serialised on your side.

Hi @Pierre_Davy,

We have identified the reason for this issue.
The fix is released and your environments should now work correctly.


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@Sliman_Medini Thanks for the feedback
I did not had the issue on another project where I connect to a remote DB.
On this project, to stay on the DMZ, I connect to the google db on a different way but I do not undersand how it could have an impact on the layout serialisation.

@Sliman_Medini It’s now fixed. Thanks a lot, I supposed you’ve done something.

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