Connection Error with Safari / Chrome in private mode

Hello Forest,

We’ve upgraded Forest Admin to the last version.
Thanks for the new features (especially lumber update) :slight_smile:

Btw, the back office seems to be unavailable when I use Safari or Chrome in private navigation.
Access through Chrome / Firefox is OK.

image (8)

Hi @gaelperon,

As suggested by the popup message, did you check if your browser accepts third-party cookies in incognito mode?

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Well, for Safari the pop-up appears in classic mode also (not private)

For chrome, allowing cookies solves the issue as expected

Hi @gaelperon,

Happy to see chrome to up again for you.
About Safari, we do not reproduce any connection problem.

If the problem persists for you, please add additional info like:
-Does the problem appear for everyone in your company, just for you…
-Does the problem always appear, or it was working before some event…
-Does the problem appear on any machine, or it is working on certain machines…

Any relevant detail would be interesting.

Hello @Sliman_Medini

The problems happen for everyone in my company, on every machine (only on Safari)
It appeared since upgrade to the new version

But it’s not a problem for us as we can use chrome.

Hello @gaelperon ,

We just released 3 versions of agents that will fix the issue you had with both Safari and Chrome in incognito mode:

  • forest-express-sequelize@7.0.1
  • forest-express-mongoose@7.0.2
  • forest_liana@6.0.3

Could you please test if the appropriate version for your project is fixing your issue?

Hello @GuillaumeGautreau

The fix is ok for me on both environnements (dev and production)