May 2021 - Agent upgrade to latest major version required

Dear Forest Admin community,

In light of upcoming Chrome browser updates, Forest Admin strongly encourages you to upgrade to the latest major version of our agents in order to keep your development environments up and running without service interruption.

Please note that the remote and production environments of your projects won’t be impacted by the change below and will continue to run without necessary intervention.

What is happening?

In July 2021, with the release of Chrome 92, Chrome browser will block private Network resource accesses (CORS-RFC1918).

With CORS-RFC1918 the browser will block loading resources over the private network by default except ones that are explicitly allowed by the server using CORS and through HTTPS.


What consequences for Forest Admin users?

It basically means that, web clients using Chrome 92 won’t be able to reach development environments targeting localhost from a web application accessed through HTTP (even with a properly set CORS configuration) once the Chrome update to version 92 is released in July 2021.

Which projects will be impacted?

This change will break data consumption in existing development environments targeting localhost and running agent versions that are not the latest major ones, i.e.:

  • forest-express-mongoose agent versions prior to 7.0.0,
  • forest-express-sequelize agent versions prior to 7.0.0
  • forest-rails agent versions prior to 6.0.0


To allow Forest Admin web clients served in HTTPS to reach your localhost development environments, and thus, prevent service interruption, Forest Admin project administrators and developers will need to upgrade to the latest major agent version in those specific development environments (and ideally for all environments).

Please find and pick below the section that corresponds to the way your project is connected to Forest Admin and follow the dedicated upgrade documentation:


To upgrade to the latest major version (v7), follow this note:
Upgrade to forest-express-mongoose v7


To upgrade to the latest major version (v7), follow this note:
Upgrade to forest-express-sequelize v7


To upgrade to the latest major version (v6), follow this note:
Upgrade to forest-rails v6

Any other alternative?

Although Forest Admin does not recommend this approach, a temporary possibility will be for our users to deactivate the Chrome feature flag preventing Private Network Access through HTTP until they have completed their Forest Admin agent update.

To do so:

  • access the Chrome flags, typing chrome://flags in the URL bar
  • search for “Block insecure private network requests” flag.
  • set the flag as “disabled”