Copy team layout issues

I created a new team and copied the layout from my main team to the new one, but the configuration was not really copied.

I’m not sure if this is intended or not, and I believe this used to work in the past.
See attached screenshot of the test team

Please advise on what to do about it.
Best regards,

Hi @Tsachi,
It looks like we introduced a restriction on the platform that forbids to have collections with “Access to records through Segments only” activated along with no segments configured.
It looks like you might have such historical configuration and it makes the copy layout fail.
We planed to clean all the projects that felt in this “trap”, in the coming days.
But I’ll do the fix manually for you, right now.

I’ll let you know.

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Thank you Arnaud!
Waiting for your update

It should be all right now, I fixed 2 teams with this configuration issue (“Sales” and “RnD”).
You should be able to create a new team with the layout of an existing one again.

Let me know.

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Hi Arnaud, I am using the “ReadOnly” team. Can you please fix the configuration there?

Hi @Tsachi,

We have rollbacked to code that generated the strict validation and made “copy layout” failures.
It should be fine now whatever the “copy layout” operation trial.

We are working on a bug-free implementation of the first intent.

Thanks for your patience.