Trouble with layout per team feature

If a user is in multiple teams, which team layout does the user see? It’s not very clear, and it appears to be random

I currently have 2 teams, 2 users, who are in both teams, and I see a certain layout and my other team mate does not see the same thing, every time I have to copy the layout from team 1 to team 2, with no idea as to why team 1 seems to be the “reference team” when it comes to layouts.
“Reference team” being the team which gets layout updates (from dev to production environment). There is no such concept in the doc but when pushing a layout from dev to production, only 1 team gets the update and it seems it’s the oldest team which gets it, but I’m not sure

What is the exact mechanism?

Hi @francois_Ruty,

When you are using the “Copy layout” function, is this the one from “Copy layout” for team or for environment ?

On our side, a layout is associated to a unique project/environment/team.
When you edit the layout, it is only edited for the current project/environment/team. You can use the “Copy layout configuration to…” from the team screen to copy the layout from one team to another (ie. developers to testers, assuming you want the same layout for both).

Once you are happy with how it looks for both team, the “Copy layout configuration to…” from the environment tabs should allow you to copy the complete configuration to another environment (ie, development to production).

I’ve just tested this and that seems to be the behavior I’m getting. Let me know if you are experiencing anything that does not match the behavior I’ve described, or if I didn’t fully answer your question.

hello, I used the copy layout feature from the “teams” section (not the “environment” section).

I get what you’re saying but I am a member of 2 teams. When I edit my layout in dev, only 1 team gets the change, how is this team chosen?
AFAIK unlike environment there is no “team” context in FA, how can I choose which of my teams is getting my layout changes?
Cuz right now not all my teams are getting my changes when I’m working in dev

I had in mind to add a screenshot when sending my first answer, but totally forgot.

You can switch team by clicking on you name on the top right corner of the screen, then selecting the team you want to see the layout of


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thanks, that’s very clear, works now.

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