Create a polymorphic relation reference field

Hi, thanks to @Sliman_Medini in this topic, I know how to create a custom reference field.

I wonder if the same would be possible for a polymorphic relations table.

here is an example

I would like to create
a link to the record 18 in the damage_events (évènement sinistre) table in the first record
a link to the record 675 in the coownership_documents (document immeuble) table in the 5th record
a link to the record 543 in the maintenance_contracts (contrat de maintenance/assurance) table in the 6th record
and so on…

is there any way to do it ?

can I set the reference target different for each record ?

Hi @JeremyV :wave: Unfortunately, i’m afraid this is not possible today.
I push your request to our product board.
The best way i see for today is to create a field for each different type, i know it is not a beautiful solution.
Let me know :pray: