Reference field from a smart collection

Is it possible, in a smart collection, to create a link between records as it was a belongTo relationship ?

In my model, I have Categories and MaintenanceContracts. Categories is my smart collection. If I have an ongoing MaintenanceContract, I get the MaintenanceContractId in my Categories REST API.
BTW, MaintenanceContracts is a regular table in my DB.

Is it possible that I make this MaintenanceContractId a link so when I click it, I land on the corresponding MaintenanceContract summary view, as it was a regular relationship between two tables.


Hi @JeremyV,

I think you are looking how to add a belongTo relationship to a smart relationship.

Let me know if that matches your need.


Hi @Sliman_Medini

Exactly what I needed, thanks. :ok_hand:

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