Creating and Deleting records is not very intuitive

What is the feature?

For the folks who have not used this tool before, it is very error-prone and confusing to create and delete records using the current interface. See this detailed walkthrough to see what I mean where I discuss three specific points:

What problem does this solve for you?

Makes forest admin easy to use for non-technical folks or even technical folks who have are not used to some of the quirks.

Who else would be using this feature?

Both technical and non-technical folks.

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Hello again @BK42 :smiley:

Thanks for your elaborate feedback, let me provide some hints & tips for you here.

1. Regarding the auto-complete feature based on existing values
This is possible if you know in advance that your field is bound to certain values. In your field’s EDIT SETTINGS, set a dropdown widget with the content values and enable search.

2. Creating (or associating an existing) related record in collection B from collection A’s view
You’re right about this! I just realized that when there are no associated records, Create the first one button does not give you the choice between creating a new related data record or associating an existing one.
For this, I suggest you click on the green + button in top-right corner. You’ll get the 2 options.

I’ll make sure an insight is logged in our Productboard for a second Add an existing one button

3. Related record not showing up after its creation
This is pretty straightforward, you’re trying to create a child record when the parent record hasn’t been created (persisted to database) yet.
Bottomline is you can’t associate something recently created…to something that doesn’t exist yet :sweat_smile: Simply start by saving the parent record first.

4. ForeignKey constraint violation upon parent/child record deletion
Forest Admin (through the sequelize ORM) cannot do what the database does not allow you to. It merely follows its rules. I suggest you take a look at what the PostgreSQL and Sequelize docs have to say about this. Tweaking your database and models should allow you to achieve the desired outcome.

Let me know if this helps!

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