Custome Rest URLs

What is the feature?

We have REST APIs that are not standard CRUD operations - e.g. everything that we do is through HTTP-POST. When I create a new project and want to setup the REST-APIs, it does not allow me to do so.

This creates a problem as our database can be split across tables and our entities are not just one-one table mappings. We would rather want custom APIs that can do the CRUD operations. I am wondering if this is at all possible through ForestAdmin

What problem does this solve for you?

Please explain how it would help in your case.

Who else would be using this feature?

Please explain the role of the person or group of people who would be using this feature and how frequently they would be using it.

Hi @sapantshah :wave:

There is currently no way to make it works this way right now. Let me push this to our product board.

Thanks for your feedback :pray: