Customizing filters and search in TableView from Admin Backend

Feature(s) impacted

Table View filters

Observed behavior

Is it possible to customize Table View filtersand or search in Admin Backend - for example to simplify search queries or optimize queries to the database?

Expected behavior

It is possible to create custom db queries related to Table View filters and / or search


Please provide in this mandatory section, the relevant information about your configuration:
Project name: CoachHub
Team name:Operations or Development
Environment name: Production?
Agent type & version: NO Idea?
Recent changes made on your end if any: NA

Hello @Piotr_Wojcieszuk,

Thanks for your question. Could you please fill in the requested information about your project? We need to know if you have a project under node, if you are using sequelize or mongodb.

Could you also elaborate about the optimisation you would like to do? Do you have some examples?