Delete belongsTo relationship

Expected behavior

When viewing list of records in a belongs to relationship, selecting a record and then delete leads to a refresh, but no delete end point is ever called.

Actual behavior

Does not call any endpoint

Failure Logs

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Hi @Liam_Cheung !

Can you fill out the context part of your post ?
Can you share the models linked to the collections that have the belongsTo relationship ?

@Liam_Cheung Looking at your screenshot it looks like a hasMany relationship.

Here Audit test hasMany Documents

When deleting a document from an Audit test, no route/end point is ever called.

Is that right?


Yes that is correct.


Hello @Liam_Cheung :wave:

I couldn’t reproduce this with a hasMany relationship. Do you have any errors in your console ?


Nothing in the console that I can see…

Note that this only happens when accessing the record through a relationship, it does work when accessing the collection directly.


Hey @Liam_Cheung,

Could you send a video reproducing this issue with your network tabs open please :pray:. You can use Loom for example.

Hi, I uploaded a quicktime to my google drive. I am hoping you can ask for permission to view and I can grant it.

Hi @Liam_Cheung,
I am sorry but the video quality is so low that I cannot read the error messages.
Would you mind doing this record with something like Loom?

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I just shared with you the high quality version of the file.

Hi @Liam_Cheung,

Are your “Documents” linked to “Audit Test” via a smart relationship ? I’ll test in that specific case but I think this might be related to the original issue

In collection(‘users’, …fields: […
field: ‘documents’,
type: [‘String’],
reference: ‘document._id’,
], …)

Great. And I guess your Documents is similar to the one from our Smart collections example ?

I’m currently giving this setup a try, just to make sure I’m able to reproduce

Actaully I see what you mean now. Both users and documents are regular mongo collections.

Hi @Liam_Cheung,

Could you tell me how your Documents are related to the Users collection? Is that a subcollection (ie. documents are stored directly on users and displayed as a relationship)? Or a reference (ie. any document carry a reference to a user)?

Thanks in advance, that might be of some help to reproduce your issue.

As a reference. The document has a field user_id so the relationship lists all documents with that user id.

Hey @Liam_Cheung I’ve added a ticket on our end to tackle this issue asap. I’ll let you know once we have something on our end.

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@Liam_Cheung We’ve released a fix! We now trigger HTTP DELETE for hasMany smart relationship. Let us know if that helps!


Hi @louis

Thanks for this. I notice that the url comes in as:
Request URL:

Request Method: DELETE

Does the parameter delete=true at the end mean anything?

Also the payload seems a little differnt than normal, when we ask to delete multiple records in a regular collection we get this payload:

Which is parsable with RecordsGetter.getIdsFromRequest

With this one will there be a parser to get the ids?