Display / Layout issue


I’m currently creating a new admin using Forest and have done many change on my models/collections to better fit the Forest models. I think it might have result with a caching issue.

I now have a display issue and layout issue on my Controller collection. I cannot update the detail layout too and a javascript error is showing up in the console.

I’ve tried to remove/disable cache, open a private browsing windows but the issue still appear.
Here are the screenshots of the display issue and javascript error:

Project details:

"meta": {
    "database_type": "MongoDB",
    "liana": "forest-express-mongoose",
    "liana_version": "6.3.8",
    "engine": "nodejs",
    "engine_version": "10.22.1",
    "framework": "other",
    "framework_version": null,
    "orm_version": "5.10.8"

Hi @Florian_Belliard,

Strange we will investigate on your issue but I can of course fix your template in the meantime.
Could you please give the name of your project, the environment and the team where this happened :pray:
And can you confirm the name of the collection is controller ?

Yes I confirm that the collection is controller
The project name is CovidPass - Main Admin
It happens on all environments with the team Operations

It should normally be fixed in an hour :pray:

@Florian_Belliard is your issue fixed by now? :pray:

@adriguy no it is not fixed. There is still the following javascript error:

TypeError: e.substring is not a function
    at Object.isValidUrl (client-76b39e3410857c6ec17efd3ad27c76a1.js:16586)
    at r.<anonymous> (client-76b39e3410857c6ec17efd3ad27c76a1.js:5981)
    at vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:2696
    at te (vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:2618)
    at i.o.get (vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:2696)
    at r.isValidData (vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:2594)
    at Pe (vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:2672)
    at vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:1943
    at J (vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:2616)
    at r.n.compute (vendor-0afc70d822e1f5c4bb84efcb16ec6262.js:1943)

@Florian_Belliard can you please try to remove the file viewer widget on your field qrcode?

It should fix the problem (your qrcode is not eligible for a file viewer).
Did you change the qrcode structure recently?

@adriguy indeed, the issue came from the qrcode field settings. I changed it a few days ago. It’s fixed now.

Thanks for your help it was quite difficult to understand the issue here.

You’re right, we’ll work on something to avoid those issues in the future.
Thank you!