Django admin panel not working after following the tuto

Feature(s) impacted

Django admin panel

Observed behavior

After following the tuto the panel is not creating, i have tried to change the url (last time it work for me by doing that)

Expected behavior

After following the tuto, the panel must be created on forest admin platform

Failure Logs

Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.
/home/kdidelot/anaconda3/lib/python3.9/site-packages/urllib3/ InsecureRequestWarning: Unverified HTTPS request is being made to host ''. Adding certificate verification is strongly advised. See:
[13/May/2023 15:42:39] "OPTIONS /forest HTTP/1.1" 200 0
[13/May/2023 15:42:39] "GET /forest HTTP/1.1" 204 0
[13/May/2023 15:42:39] "GET /forest HTTP/1.1" 204 0


  • Project name: Kollectif DevSecOps
  • Team name: Keltio
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: django-forestadmin==1.4.11 (Python 3.9.13)
  • Database type: Mysql
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hi @Kevin_Didelot ,

We had some issues with the platform this weekend.
You can follow the status here.
We are sorry for your inconveniences. Everything is back to normal.
You should be able to create your project now.

Best regards,


No problem :wink: It happen