Doing a search when we have paginated to a different page, doesn't reset the current page

Feature(s) impacted

Default get all items route

Observed behavior

I’ve a dozen of pages when I’m clicking on my collections. Around 170 items are loaded. I’ve been paginating for few pages and have arrived on the 6th page. Then, I did a search using the upper searchbar and an error occured saying “Page 6 doesn’t exist”. I’ve noticed it was due to the fact that the current page was still provided when doing a search.

Expected behavior

When doing a search, the page should be reset.


  • Project name: Back Office TR
  • Team name:
  • Environment name: Development

Hello @KamilH,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hands:

You’re totally right.
We noticed this issue a few days ago, and the fix has been released just now!
Can you refresh your browser page and tell me if it’s working again?



Thanks for that quick reply.
I’ve refreshed my browser and it indeed works !

Best regards,

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