Dropdown issue on Edit


Since today, we have a strange behaviour, we are not able to get results from a dropdown list from our forest admin backend when results are already saved (cannot edit).

We are using a dynamic dropdown with an API call to fetch results. The verification available in settings shows that this API call is correctly working. All green.

We have this behaviour on all our environments.

We didn’t change this widget for month/year (related code neither).

After some trouble shootings from our side (we did not discover any issue), we need your help to understand what the issue is…

Expected behaviour

Search and get listed results

Actual behaviour

Nothing is happening. Totally blank when we want to edit, see below.

Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 16.17.39

But, when we want to add an item, it seems to work

Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 16.19.46

Failure Logs

Lot of browser failure (chrome + firefox) from assets


  • Package Version: forest-express 3.2.4
  • Express Version: 4.16.2
  • Database Dialect: MongoDB
  • Project Name: I won’t share it here (ask in pm if you need)

Btw, is there a way to open a ticket for customer issues ? Is the available support only via this forum ?

Thank you,


Hello @tib :wave:

Thanks for opening a thread and welcome to our community :tada::confetti_ball:

Indeed, sorry for the incovenience, we are aware of the issue and we are currently working to fix it. It should be working in a short while.

I will keep you in touch.


Hi Steve,

Ok, noted.

Thank you !


Hi @tib, do you still encounter the issue ?


Hey @Steve_Bunlon

We are not encountering the issue anymore !!

Thank you !