TypeError in production environment

It’s impossible to select values in the user dropdown, development and staging environments still working fine, this occurs in the production environment only.

Expected behavior

When searching for users the dropdown should display some users.

Actual behavior

When searching for users the dropdown actually displays “No results found.”

Failure Logs

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'can' of undefined
    at e.addQueryScope (client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:24125)
    at u.<anonymous> (client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:3969)
    at l (appcues.main.76be8b74255bfc2e905ea5c83aa336dc436734dd.js:1)
    at Generator._invoke (appcues.main.76be8b74255bfc2e905ea5c83aa336dc436734dd.js:1)
    at Generator.next (appcues.main.76be8b74255bfc2e905ea5c83aa336dc436734dd.js:1)
    at D (client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:3951)
    at i (client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:3972)
    at client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:3972
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at u.l (client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:3971)
    at u.n.value (client-09f7c944021fbb55d5c8f8ca3457db78.js:3972)
    at t.invoke (vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5286)
    at e.t.flush (vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5278)
    at e.t.flush (vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5292)
    at e.n._end (vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5355)
    at e.n.end (vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5311)
    at e.n._runExpiredTimers (vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5362)
    at r (chunk.7.3063f605868b6fe645c9.js:318)


  • Package: forest-rails
  • Package Version: 6.3.3
  • Database Dialect: PostgreSQL
  • Database Version: 12
  • Project Name: Elevo


Hello @GugahBrz,

Thanks for the feedback and all the details you provided. It helped me a lot finding the origin of the issue.

I’m creating a bug ticket on our side, and we will let you know when a fix will be in production.

Hello @GuillaumeGautreau,

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

Our CS team loses some autonomy because of this bug, do you have news about it?


Follow up:

I just got a message from the CS team saying its working now :slight_smile:

Thank you @GuillaumeGautreau.

Hey @GugahBrz,

Sorry I forgot to told you that we fixed it last week :wink:

Hi @vince !

I’m from Elevo too :slight_smile:

Apparently there is another bug on this input, I don’t know if this related:

Before the original bug, we could search in this field by name and email. Now, we can only search by name. When we try to search by email, we have the “No results found.” message :’(

Hello @Asmoddym ! :wave: Welcome to our community :tada: :confetti_ball:

Could you please create a new community thread asking for help? As we are not sure it’s related to this thread.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi @morganperre!


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