Edit hasAndBelongsToMany relationships using a Select?


I’m using the ‘forest_liana’ gem (version 6.3) in my Ruby on Rails (version 5.2) app.

Basically I have a Travel model and a Theme model. I’m using a has_and_belongs_to_many relationship between these two models.

When I open Forest Admin, open a Travel, click on Themes (in Related Data), then “Add an existing theme”, I get a simple search field (cf screenshot).

My question is: is there any way to have a list of possible values instead of this search field? This is what we would like to have:

Thanks for your help!

Hello @PJ_Bergeron,

When you click in this search field, do you have any suggestion, just as in your screen capture?

When I click in this search field I don’t get any suggestion. Only if I start typing something. It would make it easier for us if we could see a list of all possibles values, or the most used ones.

Hello @PJ_Bergeron,

I added your suggestion in our product board, that regroups all improvement ideas on the platform. For now, it’s not possible to display a list just on click.