Is there is a way to edit belongsToMany relationships as checkboxes?


To keep it short, my customer success team have to onboard “experts” on our app, and those “experts” can have multiple “skills”, modelized via a belongsToMany relationship between “experts” and “skills” tables through an “experts_skills” table; the skills table has ~200 records and experts usually have between 5 to 30 of them.

Unfortunately this is quite painful to edit in forest admin right now since when you want to add a new item in a belongToMany relationship in forest admin you have to:

  • click on “add an existing …”
  • Remember and search for the item using a single search bar
  • select the desired item

So I thought it would be much easier if those “skills” were presented as a list with simple checkboxes to select them but unfortunately I can’t find a way to do so.

So my question is: is there is a way to edit belongsToMany relationships as checkboxes or anything else that could improve my customer success team experience?


Hey @Jordan,

Welcome to our community and thanks for sharing your question :raised_hands:

The usecase you describe is pretty clear.
We don’t have a tailor-made solution yet to fulfill your need. I’m going to add a request in our Product roadmap then.

However, some workarounds could be found.
Let me check what is doable, and I’ll come back to you with ideas very soon.
How does it sound to you?


This would be awesome, thanks!

Hey Jordan,

The workarounds I could think about today are the following:

  • You might want to check this woodshop to use a form with prefilled relationships (but you’ll have a lot of checkboxes…).
  • Otherwise, from the Skills table, we could imagine selecting severals skills and associate them to an expert thanks to a bulk smart action.

Hope this could help!

Hey Jordan,

Here’s a link to a possible workaround allowing you to select skills within those not yet associated to an expert and associate them. It would look like this for a user:

Hope this maybe helps.


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Awesome, I will take a look at you solutions in detail ASAP, thank you very much!