Edit Layout - Related data naming


It would be nice if we could rename the related data (as a relation or smart field).

Capture d’écran 2022-05-30 à 14.13.49

Currently, the naming is handled with the field but it’s weird with the field: “Prix” it shows me “Prixes”.

Hi @Justin_Martin :),

For the name of the related data, you have the possibility to rename it in the Edit layout in the main collection, in the Field section, with the display name.
For your case it should be editable from the collection “Leads Famille”, and in the Field section you should have a related data with “Planning globals”.

And thanks for the feedback, it is not handled really well with french and exception words. It should be displayed like the user has configured.
We are going to remove the plural for the related data. It should be release this week.


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