Layout editor: missing reorder/show/hide button on "create"

When using the layout editor, on a “create” view of a sub-collection (related collection accessed from another collection), there is no way to show/hide/reorder fields. There is usually (= when accessing the collection directly or on view/edit views) a button that opens a menu allowing reordering but it is not present in this case. See screenshot.

Another bug with “Related Data” I’ve just found: if a collection has been renamed, the new name only shows in the left-most panel “Collections”. To its right, in the “Related data” collections list, the original name is still showing.

Hello @Antonio_Marino,

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll check if the absence of configuration is normal or not in related collections. In the meanwhile, you can customize the appearance of this form when accessing it directly (and not through a related collection).

Can you open a new thread about the 2nd topic please? I’ll also need more details about the process of reproducing this bug because I could not reproduce it : when renaming a collection, the new name is updated also in the menu.

Thanks, this works and I can do it, it’s just not visible when accessed through related collections.

I’ll send you a screenshot in DM with a clear example

Hello @Antonio_Marino,

The absence of configuration at this place is considered normal at the moment. I’ll add your feedback in our product board though.