Editing Boolean field refreshes page

Feature(s) impacted

Editing Boolean field

Observed behavior

When clicking “Edit” on a Boolean field at the table level (not details level) and then change it’s value, the page refreshes itself before I hit “Save”. The change is saved (although it’s a invalid value) but the page refreshes and impacts productivity.

Expected behavior

Page should not refresh

Failure Logs

GET / 200 10026 - 0.549 ms
OPTIONS /forest/userSubscriptionInvoices/cfeb2e31-3f77-446d-a970-d8f1890c15a2?timezone=Africa%2FAccra 204 0 - 0.080 ms
PUT /forest/userSubscriptionInvoices/cfeb2e31-3f77-446d-a970-d8f1890c15a2?timezone=Africa%2FAccra 200 664 - 15.802 ms
POST /forest/authentication 200 1053 - 1.227 ms
OPTIONS /forest/authentication/callback?code=KlpsDu9hDK95rWM2hlXLJv2iwbgkZm70_g6PSqUSdnm0rKrIZ-YYy2nkAaJzDqVF&state=%7B%22renderingId%22%3A96905%7D 204 0 - 0.084 ms
GET /forest/authentication/callback?code=KlpsDu9hDK95rWM2hlXLJv2iwbgkZm70_g6PSqUSdnm0rKrIZ-YYy2nkAaJzDqVF&state=%7B%22renderingId%22%3A96905%7D 200 545 - 608.464 ms


  • Project name: Gerald
  • Team name: Gerald Technologies
  • Environment name: All
  • Agent type & version:
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @nikos,

Thank you for the report, we do reproduce the issue on our end. I confirm that we will release a fix for this issue ASAP. I am sorry for the inconvenience that this causes.

Best regards,



Thank you @dogan.ay . Do you know when I should expect the fix by?

Hello @nikos,

The fix has just been released. Once again sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Best regards,


No worries; thanks a lot for the prompt fix.