Field boolean style

Is there a way to use boolean field as follows :

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I’m working on the lastest version.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @PierreGaladrim ,

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Could you please share a bit of context here, where would you like to have boolean fields like this one? (a screenshot or screenshare video might help here)

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Sure !
I have some articles in my database and I want to display those with visible status on true.
So I just want that my user select a true or false value for visibility status in fields (like a on/off).

Currently the boolean fields are diplay as this:

Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 17.08.03

And in edit mode you can edit it as this (when false):
Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 17.08.11

We do provide 3 different widgets for boolean editions that you can find on the field settings: Checkboxes (default), Dropdowns, and radio buttons.


I use this right now but can I remove this status of the button (the grey, null one) ?


This grey state is made for null values on boolean fields

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I can’t remove it even with something like nullable = false ?

Hello @PierreGaladrim ! Maybe you already had some null values in your db, which could explain this behavior ?

Even with an empty database the null button is visible

Hello @PierreGaladrim,
What is the type of your database field?
Is it a Boolean or a nullBoolean ?

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Just a Boolean, does a nullBoolean can resolve this issue ?

Hello @PierreGaladrim,

Unfortunately, the behaviour is the one expected for the moment.
We are working on this feature request, and will let you know when it has been released :slight_smile: