Enable filtering on a relation

Consider two collections with one-to-many relations.
How can I make “one” relation side filterable?
The relation is detected automatically right now by the Forestadmin’s agent on top of NestJs.

Here are the related sections of the collections:

export class Referral extends BaseEntity {

@OneToMany(() => ReferralStage, (ReferralStage) => ReferralStage.referral, {
    eager: true,
  stages: ReferralStage[];

export class ReferralStage extends BaseEntity {


@ManyToOne(() => Referral, (referral) => referral.stages)
  referral: Referral;


Hello @bond

I’m sorry I don’t understand your issue.
I suppose you are using the datasource-sql connector

Can you give me more context? What are you trying to achieve?

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Hello @romaing
As I mentioned above, we are using Forestadmin on top of NestJs which is detecting the data models through the data-source connector.
We have an entity that has a one-to-many relationship named referral stages - detected automatically by the SDK. You can see we can not enable it to be filtered as a relation.
Is there anything we’ve missed to enable this capability?

Has this explanation cleared the ambiguity?
@romaing @adriguy