Environments header alerts: what does this mean?

Thank you @Arnaud_Moncel for your answer here: New dev workflow - colors and rollback

I have another question about the environments. May you please explain the meaning of what I can see in the header of the page in the various environments?

The Blue one (it’s a staging env, in our practice) shows this:

It looks like “Currently on” shows: [env-name] ([env-name]_DEFAULT]
What does this mean?

In another environment (a orange one, that is development remote, in our practice), this is what I can read:

Here it looks like “Currently working on” shows: [env-name] ([env-name] BRANCH].
But this is not a branch, it’s an environment. And, more precisely, it’s a remote environment.

I already told in this question New Dev Workflow - can't understand where the environments are that I just switched to the new development workflow, but I can’t understand things, even if I read the docs a few times already…

Please help!
Thank you.

Hi again @Matteo :wave: this is the same thing for all remote env, don’t worry about the color :smiley:.
The wording here is your environment name(the name of the current branch).
This branch is created by default when you migrate to the new Dev Workflow system.
In fact all environment have a branch and when you change something on the layout, this is adding to this branch.
Let me know if that help.

Thank you @Arnaud_Moncel
my concern is not about the color, but about the relationship between environments and branches.

In my DEV-xxxx remote environment I did not create any branch (it’s not possible at the moment, see Questions about the new development workflow - #12 by louis) so I can’t understand why this should have a branch. You say that a branch is created by default.

Now, why this is not the same in my STG-xxxx remote environment?

The wording is different. What does this _DEFAULT difference mean? These two environment should have the same features, because they both are remote and the color doesn’t matter. Isn’t it?

More over, if I have some change in the layout in my DEV-xxxx remote environment with the forest web interface, this is what I can see:

What is the meaning of “deltas” and branches?

Thank you.

The wording is different

I don’t know why, there is a different name, but don’t worry this is not critical, it is just a name :smiley:

The wording is different

Delta, in your case, mean you have 2 layout changes different between your production and your remote env.

Branches is related to the number of development branches you push on your remote env and missing on your production.

Let me know.

Some kind of self conscious vodoo magic with the environments, I suppose… :crazy_face:

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