Missing environment color in the new ui

Hello everybody!
I appreciate very much the new Forest UI (More space for your data and better navigation: Meet the new Forest Admin UI).

But there is one thing I’m really missing from the “old” UI, so I’m wondering if this feature can be restored in the new UI.

In the “old” UI, in the upper left corner it was clearly stated the environment I was working with:

(example in dark mode)

Both the environment name and the color allowed me to always be sure if I was working with my production environment, or my staging/test/dev… environment.

With the new UI, in the upper left corner, we always see the green Forest icon. So any information about the environment I’m working with is now missing.

Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 17.35.06

I wish you may change the color of the icon, reflecting the environment colors shown in the “Project settings” > “Environment” page.

Is it possible? :pray:

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Matteo :wave: ,

Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear that you appreciate our new UI.

Regarding the colors of environments:

  • Your are still using today our old development workflow. With our new development workflow, you’ll see a banner that indicates on which environments you are (see screenshots below)

  • I have manually activate this feature on your project. You can now simply follow these steps to benefit from it.

Let us know if you need any assistance during the migration!

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Thank you @louis
Now I can see the env I’m working with, thus reducing any possible error.

I’ll get back to you for to ask for help if needed, as soon as we’ll definitely migrate to the new workflow.

Thank you,