New dev workflow - colors and rollback

We switched to the new development workflow.

First question:

We don’t understand what the colors of the environments mean.

We have:

  • GREEN is supposed to be production
  • BLUE is supposed to be a remote environment
  • ORANGE ???

My three environments in the picture are remote (one prod and two “staging”, installed on remote servers - not dev workstation hosted).

Second question:

In the third envirnoment (the orange one) I made a change in the layout using forest (not the cli!).
How can I rollback this change in order to reset the environment to the production layout?

Please note that in the picture, Forest states the env is a BRANCH, but it isn’t! This environment was created from the “project settings” > “environments” > “Add new environment”

Thank you.

Hi @Matteo :wave: the color are based on type/name of your environment.

  • Green is the production
  • Blue is a remote staging named environment
  • Yellow is a remote test named environment
  • Orange is a development or a remote development named environment
  • Purple is a remote environment

For your second question please have a look on environments:reset - Developer guide
Let me know if that help :pray: