Error during instant setup

I’m trying to create a small project using the instant setup.

the project name is

I’m running on Azure SQL Database (so technically MsSQL)

I get this error when filling my connection string:

I already added the forest admin IPs to my white list.

Do you have any idea ?

Hello @Simon_BRAMI1,

Did you try authorizing your own IP and open the DB from your computer?

I think that the IP address in the error message is not correct, but it’s due to the internal implementation for opening requests with the same static IP address.

Which IP address did you authorize on your DB?

Hello Guillaume,

Yes my own IP is authorized and works fine on DataGrip.

And I added those:

Hello @Simon_BRAMI1,

So you have followed the following link Forest Admin IP white-listing (Forest Cloud) - Developer Guide

We got two kind issues from your tries:

Unable to connect to the given uri: mssql://XXXXXX.
Connection error: Server requires encryption, set ‘encrypt’ config option to true.

Unable to connect to the given uri: mssql://XXXXXX.
Access denied error: Cannot open server “” requested by the login. The login failed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an Azure SQL Database to try it myself.

Looking at some threads on the web, It could be an issue with SSH tunneling.

They propose a workaround, add the username to the URI:

Also please check that in the Azure SQL server the port 1433 should be opened or add a new inbound rule with this port.

Let me know if it helps.

Kind regards,

What is the difference between columns 2 and 3?

It’s just in case I need to setup IP ranges :wink:

My username and password are already filled in the URI, the port 1433 is also already setup by default

My URI looks like this:


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By the way this issue is only if I don’t require TLS so you can consider it “fixed”

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the way this issue is only if I don’t require TLS so you can consider it “fixed”

Indeed, Azure SQL Database needs TLS/SSL.

I just doubled check the Azure SQL Database documentation for Node.js and mssql driver.
I don’t understand what could cause the issue. There maybe a specificity that we have missing with AZURE_SQL_AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=azure-active-directory-default

We will try to set up this on our side and try to understand the root of this issue. I will keep you updated when we have some more news. :pray:

Some Azure resources on this topic for reference:

Kind regards,

By default Azure SQL Database is usable with User and Password created during setup, I have never used the “Active Directory” auth.

Also, when configuring other Forest projects by setting my own backend, I use the same mssql:// URI format to connect to Azure Databases which works fine :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it will help, let me know how your investigation goes!

Superbe that’s very interesting since we have some specific handling in the Cloud to keep your URI secured.

Be sure that we will keep you updated but it might take a few days to put all of it together. :pray:

Kind regards,

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Thanks man :pray:

Let me know if you need me to test things