Unable to Create Instant Setup MSSQL Instance

Feature(s) impacted

Ability to create ‘instant’ MSSQL Instance

Observed behavior

It now says there is a “waiting list” for MSSQL instant instances so I cant create any.

Expected behavior

To be able to create instant MSSQL Instances.


  • Project name: N/A
  • Team name: N/A
  • Environment name: N/A
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: N/A
  • Database type: MSSQL
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: None

Hello @David_Martin,

Instant setup is Cloud hosted agent of Forest Admin. Unfortunately, some recent (that we can’t rollback) developments have broken how we communicate with MSSQL DB.
We need more time than just a fix to correct it, so for now it has been disabled but it should comeback later this year. :pray:

You can find other information on this thread:

Kind regards,

Hey again,

So the MSSQL Cloud onboarding (Instant setup) has been added again, but we prevent Azure MSSQL hosted DB for now.

I also updated the other thread.

Kind regards,

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