Error when deploying new schema

Feature(s) impacted


Observed behavior

We added a field to our schema (triple-checked that it’s valid) and we do not see it reflecting in the UI. Instead we are getting the following error:

[forest] :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree: An error occured with the apimap sent to Forest. Please contact for further investigations.

Also - we tried making other changes like removing fields and we see that any change we make causes this.

Expected behavior

Should work :slight_smile:


  • Project name: confetti-backoffice
  • Team name: all
  • Environment name: all
  • Agent type & version: Liana 7.9.1

Hi @Eyal_Hakim ,

Sorry to read your message, we are currently looking at the issue.
It could be a replica of the incident we had last week.

Thanks for your patience.

Hey @Eyal_Hakim

It should be good by now. Could you confirm that everything works as expected on your end ?

Thanks in advance :pray:

It is fixed, thanks!

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