Export to csv does not obey ordering from table view

I’ve filtered table view to my liking and order by specific column and expect records to be exported in a same order.

Expected behavior

expect records to be exported in a same order as in table view

Actual behavior

Records are not ordered

Hello @daniyarchambylov,

I confirm that this is the current behaviour, and I shared your issue with our team.

Thank you for bringing this to us.

Hi @daniyarchambylov,

Thanks for your feedback.
I am not sure it is a good idea (and necessary) to order the records when you trigger an “Export to CSV” action.
One major drawback of ordering things is a potential performance drop, if the database is not well configured for that.

The necessity really depends on what you will do with this export.
For instance, if you plan to import the CSV file into an Excel file, it is quite easy to re-order the records the way you want.

Can you give us more details about what is your usage of this kind of exports?


Thanks a lot. Sorry for the late reply. I guess I’ll have to import csv to Excel and reorder from there