FA can't connect to my local node js server: forest tries to connect to port 3310

FA not able to connect to my local BE server.

My Local BE node server is running 3000 port

FA tries to connect to 3310 port even i configured the 3000 port in FA UI.

Kindly help me in debugging this

Hello @Giri_S, :wave:

Can you tell me what is your environment and your project name please?

Kind regards,


Hi @Florian_Gonzales

Project Name: Loan%Test1
Environment: Development.


Can you please copy the last 3 characters of the environment variable named FOREST_ENV_SECRET and share it with us?

Also, can you share the rest of your configuration, except for FOREST_AUTH_SECRET which is not necessary here.

I would also need the full url of the first call to auth. I need to check if the client ID sent here is correct.


Hi @GuillaumeGautreau

The last 3 character of env_secret is: aef

other config basically DB config, which i can’t share

auth url

Do you have any the following configuration parameters, and what are their value please?


I see a mismatch with URL in the client id that is contained in the client_id that your agent is providing during the authentication process.

If you have a FOREST_CLIENT_ID, please remove it.

If you have a APPLICATION_URL, please check that its value is http://localhost:3000

If you have a APPLICATION_PORT, please check that its value is 3000

If you don’t have APPLICATION_URL nor APPLICATION_PORT please add APPLICATION_URL=http://localhost:3000

Thank you @GuillaumeGautreau After adding application url it worked.