Feedback about the new branch feature: not a good one


I know sometimes it takes time for a new feature to be accepted and well used by the user’s community. I know some users can be reluctant first, then will accept it.

I think it won’t happen for my teams and your new branch system.

This is a bit (far) too much over-engineered for me, and we didn’t need this feature - at all. This add really too much complexity in our project, and in the onboarding of new devs. I lose a lot of time, a lot of simplicity - which used to be a good point of Forestadmin.

I’ll try to reverse to the last version without branches, if I can, but I know at some point I’ll have to update. I think, I even know, that it will be a reason for me to leave forest, no doubt.

Useless over-engineering makes me sad.

I confirm on my side too . +1

Hello @arnaudambro & @Sebastien_Le_Goff,

I’ve just send your feedback on our product tool. I can understand your frustration and hope it will be better in the future :pray:

Thank you very much for your feedback it helps us improve a lot :slight_smile:
Kind regards,